About Coral

About Coral

Hi! I'm Thomas, the founder of Coral Athletics.

Our brand's name, Coral, has a meaningful story behind it. It is my wife's middle name, given to her by her parents as a tribute to their beautiful daughter and to the beautiful coral reefs of Hawaii, where she was born.

The name represents the beauty and resilience of these vibrant ocean ecosystems. Our journey together led us to experience coral reefs firsthand and witness their degradation.

We met shortly before I completed the build of my boat "Island Girl" and we cruised from Florida to Guatemala, where we lived for four years. As a sports fishing guide, we had the opportunity to explore the coral reefs of Belize and Honduras. We would spear fish around the reefs  and were amazed by the beauty.  Sadly, we also saw the damage caused by pollution and environmental degradation, leading to the decline of these precious reefs.

With years of experience working on the ocean as a fisherman and captain, I have witnessed both the beauty and vulnerabilities of the marine environment. This inspired our brand's secondary mission to raise awareness of the importance of coral reefs and the dangers they face. Coral is not just a name; it's a call to action to raise awareness and to protect coral reefs worldwide.

Our products, from paddles to clothing, bear the Coral emblem to raise awareness and remind us of the urgent need to safeguard coral reefs. We hope that our CORAL name and logo will  inspire conversation and action. These ecosystems support marine life and sustain human livelihoods through fishing and tourism.