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met stringent standards for dimensions, weight, materials, and performance

Our CORAL ProtecT700L RAW Pickleball Paddle is USAPA Approved

This distinction means our paddle is expertly crafted with premium materials and innovative technologies to deliver exceptional power, control, and spin - all while adhering to USAPA guidelines for fair play and safety.

safeguarding our coral reefs

About Coral Athletics

Hi! I'm Thomas, the founder of Coral Athletic and I love playing pickleball for fun and to stay fit. The primary mission for Coral Athletic is designing and delivering new high quality performance products that provide value for our customers.

Why the name "CORAL"? With years of experience working on the ocean as a fisherman and captain, I have witnessed both the beauty and vulnerabilities of the marine environment.

This experience and my wife inspired our brand's name and it's secondary mission to raise awareness of the importance of coral reefs and the dangers they face. Coral is not just a name; it is a call to action to raise awareness and to protect coral reefs worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does USA Pickeball Approved mean?

It means our Pickleball Paddles have met USAPA's standards for tournament play. 👑 High Quality and Better Performance

Is Raw Carbon Fiber better for pickleball?

If you're looking for a lightweight, responsive paddle that offers more power on your shots, you may want to consider a carbon fiber paddle.

How long will this pickleball paddle last?

UNMATCHED DURABILITY: Built to withstand the rigors of intense gameplay, this advanced pickleball paddle is designed for longevity.

Do Pickleball Paddles matter in gameplay?

Yes, they do. Our paddles offer the perfect balance between power and control, making it a top choice for professional players.

I'm a beginner. Should I use this paddle?

Yes, our Pickleball Paddles is best for all skill sets. Both Professionals and newbies can use this. 💯

Is this pickleball paddle different from other premium brands?

Price? Yes. We want to bring the premium experience to our customers at an AFFORDABLE price. Sometimes cheap doesn't always mean bad quality, in this instance. All of the materials used is high quality-> making us USAPA Approved for tournaments. 😉

Can kids use this?

With its lightweight features, kids can use this from 8 years of age.

Still have questions?

Feel free to email support@coralathletic.com with any questions, comments, or concerns about your order or the product. AND YES! WE REPLY! 😊